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Do you need help to get onto the property ladder? 
Do you know there is a government-backed affordable housing scheme to assist you? 
The First Home Scheme (FHS) is based on an “equity share model”. It is aimed at assisting people to buy new homes. The First Home Scheme (FHS) will provide a payment of up to 30% of the purchase price of your new home. This is in return for a stake in the home which can be bought back at a later stage.  
This scheme is available countrywide. It is primarily intended for first-time buyers. Are you seeking to buy a newly-constructed property but struggle to secure the full amount required by way of a mortgage loan and deposit?  
If yes, check the First Home Scheme (FHS) eligibility and application criteria below: - 
Am I eligible for the First Home Scheme? 
Please be aware of the following: - 
You must be a first-time buyer or ‘fresh start’ applicant. If you have an interest or own property abroad you will not qualify under the first-time buyer criteria for this scheme. This also applies if you have previously inherited a property. However, if you are divorced, separated or have gone through bankruptcy and no longer have a financial interest in a property you previously owned, you may qualify under ‘fresh start’. 
The property price must be lower than the price limit set out in your local authority area. The price limits depend on where you buy and the type of property. 
•To qualify for this scheme your mortgage must be with participating lenders which include Permanent TSB, Bank of Ireland and AIB. 
How much funding can I get and are there any charges? 
The FHS is a shared equity scheme. You can get funds from the scheme in return for a percentage stake of your property. You can get up to 30% of the value of the property. This is reduced if you are also claiming the HTB scheme. 
For the first five years there are no charges. In the sixth year a service charge applies. The service charge is a percentage of the FHS amount paid when the property was bought. 
How do I apply? 
Before applying for the FHS it is important to check your eligibility by using the FHS eligibility calculator and to get your mortgage approval. 
You can then apply for the FHS online through the ‘firsthomeschemes.ie’ website. You upload the mortgage loan offer (once approved by your lender) along with any other documentation required. 
If your application is successful, you and your solicitor will get a customer contract which you will sign and the solicitor will send to FHS to request release of funds. 
Do I need a Solicitor? 
Yes. You have to instruct a solicitor, to act on your behalf, when purchasing a property in Ireland and to assist with the First Home Scheme. Marcus Lynch Solicitors are on hand to guide you through the process. 
Please contact Senior Solicitor Caroline Davin-Power on 01 – 8732134. 
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