Fifteen former staff at Hole in the Wall pub have made various complaints to the WRC 
Former employees of a well known Galway-based pub have brought High Court proceedings arising out of the “sudden, abrupt” and allegedly unlawful termination of their employment last April. 
One car owner was accused of failing to pay for more than 500 trips for which he got over 1,800 letters 
Worker’s role was to confront non-compliance within the Revenue’s rules 
The Revenue Commissioners dismissed a member of one of its own audit teams for gross misconduct after he was caught “red-handed” selling contraband cigarettes for cash. 
A prominent Limerick Garda sergeant who was in the front line of the fightback by the gardaí against criminality in Limerick city when feud violence was at its height has been awarded €286,630 through the Garda Compensation Scheme. 
Claim family home was left to defendants, while estate residue was left to other siblings 
A dispute between six siblings over their late mother’s will cannot proceed before the High Court because one of the parties, a Catholic priest, has been charged with drug offences in the United States. 
A Garda has begun a High Court challenge aimed at halting disciplinary proceedings against him over a claim he made a racist remark to a teenager detained for allegedly calling gardaí “f**king pigs” and shouting “there’s a smell of bacon” at them. 
Proposed law would see restaurants required to publicly display tips policy 
The Government is to bring forward new legislation to ban employers using service tips to help pay workers’ wages, and require businesses to display their policies on tipping. 
WRC rejects contention that language ‘was banter’ 
A restaurant has been ordered to pay €20,000 in compensation to a gay bar manager after a director called him ‘queer’ almost every day at work. 
Member of the Congregationalist Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster took case against NTA 
Minister promises to tackle obstacles preventing return but cautions on a ‘quick fix’ 
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