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Oscar-nominated director (73) is disputing an alleged €68,000 bill sent to him and his late wife Fran 
Oscar-nominated director Jim Sheridan applied to the High Court on Monday to get a transcript of proceedings that took place before a legal costs adjudicator last February. 
The application, which was made in person by Mr Sheridan, is part of a dispute between him and a law firm over legal fees. 
Mr Sheridan (73) is disputing an alleged €68,000 legal bill that allegedly relates to when he put his multimillion-euro seafront home in Dalkey, Co Dublin, on the market about a decade ago. 
On Monday, High Court president Mr Justice David Barniville granted Mr Sheridan’s request for a transcript of the digital audio recording of a hearing before the legal costs adjudicator last February 28th. 
Mr Sheridan (73) is disputing an alleged €68,000 bill sent to him and his late wife Fran. 
The dispute over legal fees was due to be the subject of a hearing at the Office of the Legal Costs Adjudicators last February, but the case was adjourned following a successful application from the solicitors, Dublin-based firm Kirwan McKeown James, for key issues to first be referred by the High Court. 
Mr Sheridan has claimed there was an alleged fixed fee agreement to charge him and his wife €5,000 plus VAT and outlays. The law firm has denied all the allegations. 
Legal costs adjudicator Paul Behan last February granted the law firm’s application, saying he was mandated by the Legal Services Regulation Act to refer the issue as to the enforceability of the alleged fee agreement to the High Court for determination. 
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